Hendrix - Dreams Fade - "A powerful blend of pop, alternative and electronic music..."

"I am always really impressed when artists are able to transcend different genres and mediums, and this is definitely the case of Hendrix. His most recent studio release, “Dreams Fade,” was also released in conjunction with a beautiful video. The clip adds a strong visual storytelling component to the music, adding more weight to Hendrix’s stark creativity..." -


Hendrix Drops His Hypnotic And Futuristic New Single “Dreams Fade”

 "With dreamlike vocal melodies, high-gain guitar riffs and multi-instrumental chord progressions that are cleverly executed and finely tuned in its high end production value, SoCal-based producer/recording artist Hendrix brings us on a futuristic journey with his newest hypnotic creation, “Dreams Fade”. " - Justyn Brodsky

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Hendrix - Dreams Fade

 "His music is unique and filled with anachronisms. Sometimes in the present and other times in an era far away –- possibly long ago or in a time yet to come. But, who is this music maker who takes the songs in his head and generates heartfelt lyrics and pounding beats that palpitate the souls of those who give an ear? " - read more from SRL and vote