No, it’s not that Hendrix, but you probably worked that out for yourselves. That said, the very fact that Ian Hendrix has the confidence to use his surname, a surname that is inextricably linked with one of the most famous musicians of all time, should tell you something about the confidence with which he approaches music making. 

Hendrix- Dispirited

  “Dispirited” is rich with futuristic sounds and a stunning multi-layered soundscape. In this track, Hendrix has collaborated with the talented vocalist Katie Shorey. Her sensitive and expressive vocal performance adds to the poignancy of this track. 


 Hendrix is that rare modern artist with wide-screen ideas and news of a new clip from him is always a cause for celebration. His songs are the kind of intelligent, well-executed pop the world needs and use both electronic and traditional sounds to make their magic happen.   

Rescuing musical virtue in distress.



Dispirited –  Ian Hendrix (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

 Musically it takes the modern pop-dance format and boils it down to the bare essentials, a great beat, an instantly accessible hook, sleek and stylish vocals and then dresses it back up again with intriguing electronic motifs, pulsing bass lines and a great dynamic wave that ebbs and flows through out the song. 


 The actual narrative is enigmatic, with strange alien creatures in homeostasis/incubation containers on a strange spaceship. We get the sense that this is foreshadowing to something which will be revealed later. Really though when it comes to this song/episode, it’s not so much about the intricate details of the story but about the overall ambiance. The mood and the emotion are what the viewer connects with in these pieces. 

Ian Hendrix Drops the Animated "Dispirited", Which is Episode #3 of His Video Series

 Music maker Ian Hendrix’s third single, “Dispirited” has recently been released, and its visual, episode #3 of the video series, is available for you to enjoy right now. 





Single and video review by Mike O’Cull, independent music journalist. www.mikeocull.com 

Ian Hendrix is a guitarist, songwriter, and producer based in California who has developed a highly-individualized creative style. A former member of the United States Marine Corps, Hendrix makes music that is futuristic and anachronistic all at once. He uses electronic and organic sounds as well as anything else that stimulates his soul to arrive at a style that is both fresh and familiar. His latest single, “Release,” drops March 12th, 2019. The track is a delicious bit of modern atmospheric pop built on pulsating synths and a hip-shaking bassline and is an excellent introduction to his world for the uninitiated....

Hendrix - Release


The second installment of a unique video series from an engaging, charismatic artist.

Hendrix is back on the scene with a brand new track titled “Release.” This song is actually the second episode of the “Hendrix” video series, which also includes the first one, “Dreams Fade.”



 Release is the name of the second single by musical artist and former marine, Ian Hendrix. The song features Katie Shorey (a notable singer formerly signed to Interscope Records) on vocals. Produced by Robert Heibach and Ian Hendrix at Del Oro Music Studios, the song presents as a kind of fantasy electronique musical adventure. Beautifully and passionately sung yet deeply enigmatic lyrics which occasionally express despair (and take a turn for the dark) are backed by a vibrant and action packed synthpop beat. The bleak atmosphere is transcended by the emotionally moving vocals and surreal tone. This dynamic gives the track a duality, but it goes beyond that....

Hendrix - "Release"

 Last week on the Skunk Radio Live Auditions we introduced a talented new artist and producer from California, USA who is quickly making a name for himself as one of the top new alternative music acts to watch on the US's vast and highly competitive emerging music scene. We also had the pleasure of introducing "Dreams Fade", the first installment of his animated music video series, "Hendrix" an exciting project which is gaining a lot of attention from industry insiders and critics, and is also being received well by music fans across all genres. The second episode, "Release" has now been released for pre-order on iTunes and all top digital music services ahead of its official release date tomorrow, the 12th of March. The new record features American singer songwriter, Katie Shorey, who was previously signed to Interscope Records and who has worked and shared the stage with some of the world's biggest names in music including Quincy Jones, Will Smith and Robin Thicke. Voting for Hendrix' Skunk Radio Live Audition is still open [Check out Hendrix' Skunk Radio Live Audition and vote]  

"Dreams Fade"


Hendrix - Dreams Fade - "A powerful blend of pop, alternative and electronic music..."

 "I am always really impressed when artists are able to transcend different genres and mediums, and this is definitely the case of Hendrix. His most recent studio release, “Dreams Fade,” was also released in conjunction with a beautiful video. The clip adds a strong visual storytelling component to the music, adding more weight to Hendrix’s stark creativity..." - thebandcampdiaries.com 

Hendrix Drops His Hypnotic And Futuristic New Single “Dreams Fade”

 "With dreamlike vocal melodies, high-gain guitar riffs and multi-instrumental chord progressions that are cleverly executed and finely tuned in its high end production value, SoCal-based producer/recording artist Hendrix brings us on a futuristic journey with his newest hypnotic creation, “Dreams Fade”. " - Justyn Brodsky 

Hendrix - Dreams Fade

  "His music is unique and filled with anachronisms. Sometimes in the present and other times in an era far away –- possibly long ago or in a time yet to come. But, who is this music maker who takes the songs in his head and generates heartfelt lyrics and pounding beats that palpitate the souls of those who give an ear? " - read more from SRL and vote